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1x 10ml Vinirette Aroma mit American Blend (AB) als Grundliquid 15 mg/ml Nikotingehalt

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Vinirette® Liquid - Flavoured e-liquid

Vinirette® e-liquid is made in a Hamburg laboratory according to the high German Quality Standards (DIN EN ISO 9001), the currently valid food and tobacco regulations.

All flavouring ingredients are FEMA listed and / or classed as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

PG-based e-liquid.


10ml Vinirette Liquid American Blend (Basic Liquid) with 15mg/ml nicotine strength and a flavour of your choice.


Do not drink refill liquid!
Use liquid only for refilling cartridges/tanks of electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
Do not mix refill liquid with other liquids. Any kind of mixed liquid, which has come into contact with, must not be drunk and should be disposed immediately.
Children and animals must not touch, play or drink the liquid.

ATTENTION: Nicotine is harmful for heart, blood pressure and coronary arteries. Our liquids containing nicotine – like any other kinds of nicotine substitution – are not suitable for teenagers under 18 years, pregnant women, non-smokers and persons with cardiovascular diseases. In case of doubt please ask your doctor or pharmacist. Keep liquid out of reach of children and animals. The use of our Vinirette Liquid is at the user’s own risk. We assume no liability.